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Static QR Code Generator vs Dynamic QR Code Generator

Knowing the difference between static and dynamic QR codes could save you a lot of money. Each serves a purpose. Just make sure you understand the difference prior to printing your marketing materials.

FREE QR code generator (static)

QR Get Linked code generator (dynamic)

Static QR Code

The static, free QR code generator is great for a one-time use. Let’s say you’re having an event or occasion where you won’t need to use that code again at a later date. The static code would work for that. However, what if you printed that code on a flyer or sign where people who see it may scan it after the event has taken place – wouldn’t you still want them to be able to find you? If you answered “Yes!”, then our Get Linked Dynamic code would be a better fit for you.

vs Dynamic, Trackable, Changeable QR Code

If you are adding your QR code to all your printed materials (as you should be) such as business cards, signs, print ads, etc., then you’ll want our Dynamic QR Code because even though the code itself remains the same, the code always takes the user to your Mobile Landing Page where there are 8 clickable links. You have complete control over those links and where you’d like to take the user and you can change them anytime you want as often as you want. So, getting your Dynamic QR Code printed on your marketing materials will save you money!

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