QR.GL The Engaging QR Code

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

QR.GL the “Engaging QR” code also known as QR Get Linked is rapidly taking the QR world by storm!

QR.GL QR Get LInked | QR DivasWhen marketing with QR codes, it’s important to understand the difference between dynamic (changeable qr code) and static qr code. The QR Get Linked QR Code System is considered dynamic QR code. Although the code itself remains the same, the mobile landing page that it is linked to gives you the ability to change where it links to. You actually have up to 8 clickable links that can be changed any time you like and as often as you like.

This short video explains what QR codes are and the benefits of the QR.GL Get Linked dynamic QR code.

QR Code Opportunity

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Great news – the QR code opportunity is wide open!

QR Code Opportunity - QRDivas.com articleLast evening my husband and I had the pleasure of attending the Annual Tri-Chamber Networking Event at the Sarasota Bradenton International Convention Center. This event included members of The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, Manatee Chamber of Commerce and the Venice Area Chamber of Commerce.

When we got there, about an hour into the 3 hour event, the parking lot was full and there was lots of activity inside. I’m not sure how many were in attendance, but I expect there were well over 1,000.

QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Now that I’m a QR Diva, the QR Code Scavenger Hunt was what got my attention. When we checked in at the entrance, we were given a QR code to scan. We scanned that code and it registered us so that any of the other codes we scanned for the event were considered entries for various prizes which were given away at the end of the evening.

QR Code Opportunity - ReMax sign with QR code

This Real Estate Company is Using QR Codes

What really excited me is that the QR code opportunity is wide open! Why do I say that? It’s because there were over 130 booths set up at that event and although I’m sure I didn’t get to them all, I did get to the majority of them. Of all the booths I attended, I only came across 3 who had QR codes on their marketing materials and of the 3, only 1 had their QR code directed to a mobile landing page. I’ll be posting more on just why mobile landing pages are an important part of QR code marketing.

QR Codes are Relatively New to North America

One woman I spoke with has known about QR codes for four years! That amazes me since I just learned about them this year and I don’t recall noticing them prior to learning what they were. Even though the codes are abundant in other parts of the world, I’m glad I’m in the US where they are just beginning to be used and noticed. We are at the tip of the iceberg in regards to the QR code opportunity in North America!

Click Here to see How we Have Fun with QR code Marketing

If you are in the US or Canada and would like to seize the QR code opportunity, contact the QR Divas to find out how marketing with QR codes can grow your business.

The QR Divas are also looking for persons who would like to build a business marketing QR codes. If you are looking for an Internet based opportunity, fill out the form on this page.

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