Movie QR Free Chipmunks Ringtone

Friday, January 6th, 2012

By Julie Larson

This Banana QR Gives the User a Free Chipmunks Ringtone!

Movie QR | Free Chipmunks Ringtone | Banana QRThank you to my friend, Melissa, for sending in this QR code that she spotted on her bananas.

I love it! When you scan the code with your smartphone, you are instantly connected to a mobile page where you have the options of joining the Dole Mobile Club, downloading a free Chipmunks Chipwrecked ringtone or watching a Sneak Preview of the movie.

Free Chipmunks Ringtone

I just downloaded the FREE Chipmunks ringtone and can’t wait to play it for my grandbabies! Ooops, did this Diva let it out of the bag that she’s a grandma? So, much for the “Diva” image! lol

There a several different ringtones to download. So, you can come back every day and get a new one until you have them all! Very clever! Nicely done, Dole!


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