Leads for Realtors Using QR Codes

Friday, July 26th, 2013

By Rich Brooks of AgentLeadGen.com

Leads for Realtors Using QR Codes

AgentLeadGenQRQR Codes are a great way to increase Buyer Leads

QR codes are a great way to make life easier.  If you are a Realtor or a Real Estate professional, consider QR Codes to be an integral part of your marketing campaign.

Potential Buyers are just like us.  When we get approached by a salesperson and we are asked “Do you want to buy that?” Almost never, will anyone say “Sure, I was on the fence, but now that you bring it up, I would like to buy it!”.  No, the natural response is to become defensive, and to physically block or back away from the unexpected pounce.  We would much rather look up homes online, read a couple of real estate brochures of homes while having a lunch break, or checking out a beautiful flyer of a home that is for sale.  Consider this, why not put a QR code on both the brochure and the flyer.  Maybe give them a really nice teaser image of the home and the phrase “To see more scan the QR code with your smartphone”.  Then, when the reader scans the code out of curiosity, you could track:

  • Which flyer they scanned
  • What time they scanned it
  • How long they stayed on your page
  • What other properties did they check out while there.

All of these tools exist today.  But, just like any artisan’s apprentice, you must learn how to use the tools properly.
Contact AgentLeadGen.com today and find out how QR Codes, Analytics, and a stream of buyer leads could make more frequent closings with less effort.

SRQ Marine QR Code Spotted in Sarasota

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

By Julie Larson aka CloudBloomers

SRQ Marine QR Code was Spotted in Sarasota

SRQ Marine QR Code | QR DivasThis QR Diva was pleasantly surprised to see a nice big, bold QR code on the tailgate of this truck while driving in Sarasota today. Luckily I was able to catch up with them at a stop light and snap this photo as well as scan the code. Since it was a big QR code, I was able to easily scan it from my car. When the light turned green I pulled over into a parking lot to see that the code had taken me to the SRQ Marine website. In this case it was not a mobile website and I would definitely make that suggestion to them, but I do commend SRQ Marine for including QR codes in their marketing efforts!

I’d really like to spot a dynamic QR code on the side of one of their boats! But before you go slapping a QR code on the side of your boat, truck or car, make sure it’s a dynamic QR code so you can change where you want it to go whenever you want.



New York City QR Codes

Monday, October 15th, 2012

By Laura Heuer

New York City QR Codes – QR Codes on Permits

New York City QR Codes | QR Codes on Permits | Dynamic QR Codes

Image courtesy of BenchMark Blueprinting of Sarasota, FL – Go-BenchMark.com

You know when something is hitting it big – when a city such as New York starts mandating it!

The City Council unanimously passed a bill Monday that requires every city agency that has inspection, permit, license or registration information online to post a QR code linking to it.  Read more about New York’s QR code requirement on permits

I love that people are now understanding the need and uses for QR Codes (being that I am a QR Diva).  I can see it being the same as when grocery stores asked everyone to have bar codes on their packages. But, what I would like to make sure is that everyone who gets a code does not just grab any code. Lets make sure you get a code that works for you and your needs.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing a QR Code:

Will you need to change the information on your code at any time?
Will you be printing your code on informational pieces?
Is your QR Code going to need more than one link to different information, two links, 8 links?
Are you looking to have analytics on your QR Code? (more…)

Restaurant QR Codes

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

By Julie Larson

Restaurant QR Codes – This Chick-Fil-A Code Goes to a Mobile Formatted Site

This Chick-Fil-A QR code is a great example of restaurant QR codes. This particular code leads to a mobile formatted site or page that asks the user to download the Chick-Fil-A mobile app. If you are a restaurant and you are not using QR codes yet, you really need to find out how you can use restaurant QR codes to generate more business for your restaurant. You’re going to be surprised at how inexpensive it is and the power of QR code marketing. Contact the QR Divas for more information on QR code marketing. (more…)

How to Stop Wasting Money on Advertising

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

By Julie Larson

How to Stop Wasting Money on Advertising by Including QR Codes in Your Marketing Strategy

Unless you own a company like Apple where your logo is instantly recognized, you probably wouldn’t dream of leaving the name of your website off your business card or other marketing pieces. Well, with the advent of the SoLoMo (social, local and mobile) Marketing Age, having a QR code on your business card and other marketing materials is every bit as important  as – if not, more important than – including your website and contact info! To understand the importance of QR codes and how they can impact your business, you first need an understanding of QR codes.

mobile vs desktop | QR DivasQR codes are a perfect opportunity to bring life to your offline printed ads by linking them online and (if done correctly) engaging consumers. QR codes are not just about getting the smart phone user to scan your code. They are about getting that same user to scan your code and giving them a good user experience. Reward that user for scanning your code by taking them to something of value. A good option is using a dynamic QR code to send them to a user friendly mobile landing page where they have choices. You might include a button to a video demonstrating your product or service. A button to download a coupon. Maybe they were looking for specific product information. If that’s the case, include a button to your product ingredients or specifications. Include a button to your mobile formatted website and a contact button. If your product or service is something that can be purchased online, by all means, include a “Buy Now” button! Make it easy for the mobile user to engage and do what it is they scanned your code for in the first place.

How can using QR codes save money?

Getting back to the original interest of saving money on advertising by including QR codes in your marketing strategy. There are different types of QR codes. You can learn more about dynamic vs static QR codes. When printing any marketing materials, be it print ads, car wraps, business cards, flyers, etc, controlling where that code takes the user is paramount. Static codes don’t give you the flexibility to edit and make changes. With dynamic QR codes you can change where the code links without disrupting the actual code. When printing QR codes, in most cases, you would be smart to use a dynamic code so if you need to change or edit your links, you don’t have to go to the expense of reprinting your marketing pieces.

Get a Dynamic QR Code Now!

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Sarasota Pool School QR-Local Business QR Code

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Sarasota Pool School & Service Displays a Local Business QR Code!

Sarasota Pool QR | Local Business QR CodeSo, I’m driving down the road in Sarasota this afternoon and I’m actually on the phone (handsfree, of course) with Frank Servedio, President of QR Get Linked when I notice a QR code whizzing by me on the side of a SUV. Those who know me know that I can get really excited over small things. Well, once this QR code passed me, I was very distracted from my conversation with Frank and I had to get off the phone so I could catch up with the QR code!

I caught up with the Sarasota Pool QR guy!

Fortunately, he got stopped by the next traffic light and I was able to take a couple pictures (I covered up his license plate to protect the innocent)…

Unfortunately, in all my excitement, I didn’t actually scan his code. So, I couldn’t really say for sure where it went. But, judging by the density of the code, my bet is that it’s a static QR code. If that’s the case, Mr Sarasota Pool School guy – we need to talk! You need a dynamic QR code and I’ve got just the right one for you – QR GetLinked!


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