QR Code Dome Ceiling

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

By Julie Larson

QR Code Dome Ceiling – Architecture?

This dome ceiling could pass as some kind of ancient Egyptian architecture. But, it’s actually a domed ceiling made of QR codes. We found this instagram photo taken by KerrinSuzanne on GeekSugar.com. (more…)

Fisher Price Animated Display with QR Code

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Whoa – very cool! This Fisher Price animated display with a QR code is awesome!

As you’re passing by the display there’s a motion detector that sets off the Fisher Price Imaginext T-Rex roaring. It’s fun and I thought it might frighten my 3 year old grandson, but he loved it. As we were watching, I noticed a QR code in the bottom right corner of the display.

Fisher Price Animated Display with QR code

You have to scan this QR code with your smart phone. Great job, Fisher Price!

Fisher Price Animated Display with QR Imaginext

QR Codes That Give

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Christmas QR Codes that give | eBay QR codes | QR code DonationsChristmas QR codes that give – eBay QR codes are placed in interactive storefronts making it possible to use QR code donations for the Toys for Tots organization.

eBay and Tots for Tots have created a fun and innovative way of giving. They’ve set up the Give-a-Toy store, interactive storefronts located in New York City and San Francisco. These storefronts enable people passing by or window shopping to donate to Toys for Tots using their smart phone.

Here’s how it works

First you download the eBay mobile app to your smart phone. Then pick one of the toys on display and scan the QR code in front of it. This takes you to the Give-a-Toy mobile page where you can confirm your donation.

The Give-a-Toy store is a delightful experience for the user as when the codes are scanned, they bring life to the teddy bear or perhaps send the toy train around the track!

eBay has made it easy to bring some joy this holiday season into a child’s life! The donations are in $2, $5, $10, $15 and $25 increments. If you don’t live near New York or San Francisco, no worries! You can still participate by visiting online at http://ebay.com/giveatoystore

Happy Holidays!

QR Code Cow

Friday, November 18th, 2011

QR Code Cow | QR DivasQR Code Cow – Yes, Folks, you read that right!

Cudos to Diva Laura for this Crazy QR Find!

A farmer in France uses the new technology of QR codes. Now before anyone gets all up in arms, the cows are not branded with the codes. The QR codes are painted on.

I’m thinking of a local dairy right now that gives tours. I bet they might want to know about this form of advertising!

Here’s the English translation…

It’s at the heart of a dairy farm in Morbihan that we discovered a method of commercialism a little out of the ordinary.

A farmer uses the new technology of QR codes. This new type of bar code is painted onto these cows.

How did it begin? Gildas Le Behoc explains “It was actually a friend of mine who knew a bit about the technology, so yeah, he told me about the QR codes and we started the project together.”

“As it’s a protected site, I can’t just do what I want with the display. So, with the cows, it’s alright. It’s impressive. People come in families, in great numbers…”

When some tourists were asked “What are you doing?” they replied “Well, we saw that there were some codes on the cows, but we can’t really see too well; they’re far away.”

Marie Ben of myQReation.fr explains “The principle of the game is very simple. You need a smart phone. You need to be next to the cows. You scan the QR code of a cow. You go directly to a scratch game. There are nine boxes, you scratch three boxes. If you get three cows, you win. You can get either Gildas’ dairy products or QR code T-shirts.”

Camille Arvor comments “We played the game and got three cows, so we won something. We went to Monsieur Le Behoc’s shop.” There were QR codes placed in strategic spots. “Since then, we’ve found out a bit about his activity and the products at his farm.”

The surprising success of this unusual method of communication by far exceeds this farmer’s hopes, but that doesn’t come without its inconveniences.

Gildas Le Behoc explains “People are so taken by the game that they climb over the fence, they go into the field…I can show you because I filmed some people with my camera. That’s last Sunday. It’s a bit problematic but it’s not really a big deal. I’ve been more surprised than anyone by this success. It’s working amazingly well!

This unexpected enthusiasm from a growing number of people now allows this farmer to sell his products directly to the public. This success is also starting to inspire an agricultural sector seeking visibility. From now on, every morning before going into the fields, these cows practice a new ritual – virtual experimentation.

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